The Peoples Reserve & The New Economy

“There’s no greater force in global economic transactions right now than Digital Currency. There are however, problems to solve. I view TPR as… ‘The problem-solving coin’ – and this is why I endorse the TPR Digital Currency and accept it as a form of payment. It’s just too needed and too innovative not to.”

What Is The People Reserve?

(And Why We Accept The Peoples Reserve As Payment)

  1. Transparency: The Peoples Reserve operates on a transparent blockchain, ensuring that transactions are private and secure.
  2. Community-Centric: The Peoples Reserve is designed to empower and benefit the People - us!!!
  3. Low Cost - Transaction Fees: The Peoples Reserve offers up to 25 free transaction per day....  making it cost-effective for users.
  4. Global Accessibility: The Peoples Reserve is accessible to anyone with an internet, enabling cross-border transactions and international transactions.
  5. Security and Privacy: The Peoples Reserve transactions are secure ensuring user privacy and data protection.
  6. Inflation Resistance: The Peoples Reserve limited supply and controlled issuance can help shield users from the erosion of value caused by inflation.
  7. Smart Contracts: The TPR blockchain allows for the creation of programmable contracts, enabling automated & secure execution of agreements.
  8. Sustainability: TPR is often built on energy-efficient blockchain networks, minimising the environmental impact associated with traditional currencies.
  9. Compounding at 16% in The TPR Wallet 

These reasons highlight some of the potential benefits and advantages that The People's Reserve Digital Currency can offer.

Want to pay in The Peoples Reserve...

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Discover how The Peoples Reserve has partnered with The New Economy Project.

As we face the pressure of change, join our collaborative community of farmers,  business owners, and like-minded individuals striving to build a fresh  ecosystem - a New Model for A New Economy that is truly built for the People.

  • Central to this new model is a trusted currency that aligns with our vision. The People’s Reserve, an Independent Digital Currency, partnering with The New Economy Project. Together, we aim to create an expansive economy, granting us increased freedoms and opportunities.
  • The core of the New Economy Model revolves around essential elements like food production, trade, healthcare, and businesses. Beginning with food, we recognise it as the cornerstone. By supporting farmers in innovative ways such as repurposing resources like used vegetable oil into biodiesel and providing access to timber and labor, we help them reduce costs and make more food available.
  • To address the "cash consideration" challenge that farmers face. Through cost-saving strategies, we empower farmers to contribute more to the New Economy by making food accessible for TPR.
  • Then the domino effect comes into play: farmers offer food for The Peoples Reserve, followed by savings for farmers. This surplus food is then utilised by other essential sectors like trades, healthcare, and professional services, enabling them to make immediate cash savings and expand their offerings for our currency of choice TPR.
  • This powerful cycle of exchange creates a self-sustaining system, driven by our collaborative efforts. The New Economy Project lays the groundwork, with food production, essential services, and businesses forming the foundation. Join us on this exciting journey as we reshape the economy, starting with farmers and extending to all, powered by our very own independent currency, The Peoples Reserve. Experience the transformative potential of this approach firsthand and be part of the movement that's already in motion.
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